: The Bible did not mince word when it talks of the conquest of faith. This is the victory that conquer the world; our faith’ (John. 5:4 HBSC version). One word we need look closely at is ‘Conquest’; it will seriously aid our consideration. There is hardly any language that can afford the luxury of two words meaning exactly the same thing; hence to conquer and to defeat don’t mean exactly the same thing. Conquest goes a little further. It also means to totally subdue and make a foe totally submissive and loyal to its conqueror. The Bible talks of Christian as enemies and strangers in time past. ‘For ye yourselves were sometimes darkness and disobedient’ but then, the faith encountered us, and conquered us. This same faith that the writer of Hebrew eleven (11) celebrate so well which had subdued kingdoms, quenched the violence of fire, turned to flight the armies of aliens and can do all things for it possessor has one litmus test of validity. For it to be the true faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, it must first conquer its possessor. You!

This faith will have all or none. The conquest of your will is the goal of the faith. This is reflected in the Lord’s Prayer: ”Thy will be done” A total yielding of your will through your own volition is a reflection of the victory or the conquest of the Christian faith. The man of faith is first subdued by faith. Your faith will change nothing if it can’t change you. True faith is the faith that is worthy enough to earn you trusting your all into the hand of the one who refuse to tell you the details of his plan for your life. The true faith is foolishness to the intellect.

Faith is the difficult option when life is at stake especially when that life is yours. The man who had urged others in the past to ‘have faith’ is most likely to cry pathetically ‘Please don’t risk my life’. This was the same faith that conquered Abraham. Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father’s house unto a land that I will show thee! Now, to leave where you are for where you know is one thing but for where will be made known to you after you’ve left the certainly is something beyond reason! Your response will depend on the confidence reposed on the character of the person who made the unreasonable demand.

The challenge at mount Moriah is another thing ‘kick out Ishmael and kill Isaac’. The demand of the Voice that speaks to men of faith is always extreme and the instruction, such as will allow no center point; compromise is impossible. The one who incited the patriarch against his offspring had no grudge against any of the two lads. His aim was the old man’s heart. At the end Abraham could have whatever he wanted but only in the Lord.

The Jealous God we worship will not share you with anyone; no not even with your own self. If he must be Lord, he must have all he wants; not a fair share. He wants everything and nothing left, so he can save everything. We must understand he also gave us everything: his all and only Son, so it is a fair deal. The faith of our Lord Jesus is such that will subdue all unto itself. Before it conquers the world around you through you, it must first conquer you. Abraham stood clean on the mount after his conquest. He is the blessed of the Lord. Now everything answer to the Patriarch’s demand, but he understood well that he only possesses one thing; his conqueror! Until we allow the faith of our Lord Jesus to conquer us, we shall never truly conquer anything by faith!

Pastor Olufemi Ayodele
President Echo Ministry